Raze is a game that means exactly what the word does; total destruction! It is an armor game that entails the war against Robots, Aliens and Zombies. In this game, these three creatures are an absolute threat to the survival and existence of the life on earth. Everything must be done to protect our planet earth from complete extinction!Raze

In Raze, you can play on two sides; the earth heroes or earth destroyers / enemies. The earth heroes are those who battle with an aim of protecting the earth from total demolition. However, the opponents play with an intention of bringing the earth and her inhabitants to utmost defeat!

To play this interesting game, you must be ready to engage in one of the most futuristic battles ever! Be psychologically prepared to shoot to kill! No mercy!

Simply use the following controls:
1. Weapon selection: Q, E / 0-9 / Shift, Enter
2. To Pause, use Ctrl / P
3. Move using Arrow keys/ WASD/ Space bar (for jumping)
4. Shoot and aim using your mouse.

Enjoy this video as well.

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