Raze 3

Your quest to save mother earth is commendable! It seems like humanity’s desire to counteract the effects of the invasion on earth by Aliens is bearing fruits. The civilizations and repairs buildings are doing just fine.

Raze 3 gameYou have been successfully been trained and the army against the Zombies, Aliens and Robots is stronger. But, they have also grown stronger. They are more with even better combat tactics. Raze 3 comes fully reloaded for you.

There is no time to waste on panic or fear. The battle field is set and its ground is blood -thirsty. Everything you need to defeat the enemies is available in the game. All you need to do is to select the correct weapon for the relevant task.

Raze 3 gives you the chance to save the planet. With 24 characters, 50 weapons, 30 stages and 2 campaigns, you sure are in for a blast! This arena is full of action!

To play, use the following controls:
A) F / Ctrl for use-ability
B) WASD / Arrow keys for Movement
C) Space to jump
D) Esc / P to pause
E) 0-9 to select given weapon
F) Enter, Shift / Q/E for previous or next weapon

Check this YouTube video for more details regarding game.