Raze 2

This is what you have been waiting for! Raze 2, for the most thrilling and breath-taking gaming experience! Not only do you get to enjoy yourself and forget the moment, this brilliant game gives you the chance to shoot to kill!

Raze 2 gameYou must be fully armed with the broad spectrum of equipment and weapons available in Raze 2. Newer and more controls, advanced features, better and more powerful weapons and more sophisticated and complicated enemies to fight!

The zombies, robots and aliens won’t rest until they see our planet earth bleeding and finally gone. You can either fight for or against earth. The choice is absolutely yours.

To ensure that you have a worthwhile and successful time in the battle field, there are some very important details you must be equipped with. The game controls of course! They are briefly outlined below:
1. To Aim and Shoot your adversaries use your mouse.
2. To move around, the WASD or arrow keys will help.
3. To Jump press Space bar
4. To select either previous or next weapon, press Shift, Enter or E/Q
5. To Pause game: P or Esc
6. For use-ability press F or Ctrl
7. To select a particular weapon, press the number keys.

Check this video as well for more info!

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